Second Japan-Korea-China Symposium of Young Geographers

The conference is over!  
Now you can enjoy the photo album.
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This is the home page of Second Japan-Korea-China Symposium of Young Geographers, Kumamoto, Japan.

The first conference of  young geographers from China, Korea and Japan, held in September 2006, was concluded with great success at Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China. 
We, young geographers from East Asian countries, were able to have the chance to report on and synthesize the research progress, and to promote the international communication.  It was great pleasure for us and we are strongly appealing for the continuation.
In keeping with this notion, we would like to organize the Second Symposium of Young Geographers in Kumamoto University, Japan, from Oct.2 to 5, 2007. 

Abstract Book 
You can download the program and abstracts. 
Click here to get abstract-book.pdf (1004KB).

Mr. Komaki, our member, designed the logo of this symposium.
Globe: this is a  globe itself and a symbol of geography
Three young geographers: they can hold the globe. They may be a Japanese, a Korean and a Chinese, maybe not.  It is not known exactly who they are, but it is indisputable fact that they are young.
Triangle: this is a land where the three young geographers stand on. They have something in common foothold and they are never isolated. 

1st Circular
You can download the 1st circular (Click here to get 1stCircular.pdf).

2nd Circular
You can download the 2nd circular (Click here to get 2ndCircular.pdf).

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