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Attached schools

Integrated Centre for Educational Research and Training: The Centre consists of 5 departments: the Department of Teacher Education, the Department of Information Technology Education, the Department of School Clinical Psychology, the Department of International Cooperation and Education, the Department of Regional Education Assistance.

Yamaguchi Elementary School: The School was established in 1874.

Hikari Elementary School: The School was set up in 1915.

Yamaguchi Junior High School: The School is located in the centre of Yamaguchi. In addition to providing the usual curriculum, the school facilitates research in teachingmethods and hosts teaching practice for studentteachers.

Hikari Junior High School: The School puts an emphasis on pupilinvolvement in educational activities. For example, pupils themselves plan and hold the annual school festival. They also use the internet and a computer network called “Media Kids” which enables them to exchange information with people throughout Japan and around the world.

School for Handicapped Children: The School has pupils of all ages from 6 to 18. There are 60 pupils with intellectual disabilities. The school endeavours to help pupils to look after themselves, develop proper social behaviour and eventually develop working skills. The school also conducts research and provides education within the framework of “Education for Handicapped Children and the Individualised Education Program”.

Kindergarten: The Kindergarten, established in 1966, aims to develop the fundamental elements of the children’s lives through experiencing the world around them in the company of their friends.

School Farm: The Farm lies about 5km from the University. Here students can have some practical experience of agriculture.

The Psychological and Educational Counseling Room: In order to meet the demand for wide varieties of education, this institution conducts research concerning school education, practical school psychology and education, etc etc., and tries to develop students’ practical ability in the field of education. The Psychological and Educational Counseling Room has contributed much to local society by solving problems concerning maladjustment to school life, such as bullying, truancy, etc.