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Our Faculty

Our Faculty was established in 1949. Initially, it offered training for elementary and junior high school teachers. Courses in paedagogy and training for teachers of handicapped children were added in 1960’s.

Our Faculty, originally located in the center of town, moved in 1972 to a more spacious and attractive campus on the outskirts, where it remains to this day. Within two decades the faculty had acquired a kindergarten course, a course in Culture and Education, and the Centre for Educational Research and Training.

In 1990’s, a further reform started with the introduction and steady expansion of the Graduate School. At the same time, a psychological and educational counseling room was started. It is also open to the general public.

International student exchanges are currently available with the Universities of Canberra in Australia, Regina in Canada and Sheffield in England, and Kongju National University and Pusan National University in Korea.

At present there are 15 departments in the Faculty containing 104 members of academic staff. Between them, these departments offer 13 separate units.

Our Faculty of Education consists of 5 programs: (1) the Programs in Preschool and School Education and (2) the Programs in Practical School Psychology and Education, (3) the Programs in Information and Science Education, (4) the Programs in Health Science Education, and (5) the Programs in Culture and Education. The first program specifically aims at training for school teachers while the others do not.